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Every year, home health agencies lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in denied or delayed claims because of inaccurate coding and late OASIS submissions. Don't let this happen to your agency!


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Empower your agency with the premier online coding resource dedicated solely to home health and hospice.

Protect your agency from coding mistakes and revenue loss with the Home Health Coding Center – the single online agency resource for all of your PDGM, coding & OASIS needs. Updated in real-time, you’ll always have the most accurate ICD-10 code and OASIS regulatory guidance you need, on demand. Home Health Coding Center is the ideal decision-support tool that maximizes your coding productivity and ensures accuracy, so you gain the proper reimbursement the first time, every time.

Improve Accuracy ›

Improve Accuracy

Greater than 84% of subscribers state they code more accurately using the Home Health Coding Center.

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Increase Productivity

86% of users come to Home Health Coding Center regularly for official and exclusive expert OASIS guidance.

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Minimize Denial Risk

Up to 85% of subscribers report cleaner claims and fewer denials since switching to the Home Health Coding Center.

“Home Health Coding Center provides OASIS guidance, fast access to coding tips and CMS Q&As. All this is backed by the DecisionHealth brand of experts. So, I know I am getting the accurate guidance I need, all in one convenient location!”

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