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SelectCoder is an easy-to-use online coding tool that features:

  • CCI Bundling Validator tool that provides you clear bundling instructions, restrictions and opportunities on how to apply modifiers to earn money.
  • LCD/NCD Policies that help you verify medical necessity faster in a quick code list of the most current Part A and Part B coverage rules and policies.  
  • ICD-10-CM Guidelines to ensure accurate coding at your finger tips.
  • Modifier Crosslinks that provide at-a-glance eligibility to gain proper reimbursement
  • Plain English Descriptions so you can view easy-to-understand expanded descriptions of CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS for additional coding clarity. 
  • Article Search that provide you with actionable insights and expert coding guidance

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When accuracy, speed, compliance and proper reimbursement

mean everything to the success of your medical practice.


“The educational information truly sets SelectCoder apart from every encoder I have ever used, I love it!" Healther M. CPC, UASI

"With SelectCoder, I have everything I need at my fingertips. Overall, it's the best product we've used to date." Krista P. CPC, UW Health

"I really like the ease and speed of use to verify CCI codes and modifiers. SelectCoder is a great tool that is quick and easy-to-use." Edward K., UPMC


"When you look up a CPT code with SelectCoder, everything is on one page. Other products you have to click different buttons to get RVU, Global Days, LCDs, and other information." Julie Z. CPC, ACS-AN, Physicians Billing Service