Keep your money during the next round of CMS reviews

CMS Review Choice Demo Special Report

CMS recently announced its plan to roll out the next round of reviews, and it will start with Texas, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. DecisionHealth has been busy collecting information to help agencies across the country prepare to keep their money during the next round of reviews which CMS is calling the “Review Choice Demonstration.”

While the government contends that the goal of the pre-claim review is to cut down on fraud, the truth is that previous demonstrations have uncovered that the source of “improper payments” is documentation deficiencies — not fraud or unnecessary care, experts contend.

See inside this Special Report for a first-look at how to shore up documentation and protect your agency from the devastating effects this could have.


  • Details about how the demonstration would work
  • Efforts being made to revise the demonstration plans
  • Tips for how to decide which choice would work best for your agency
  • Strategies for success from Illinois agencies
  • Details about burden and cost from CMS
  • CMS FAQ about the demonstration
  • Tool: ADR checklist for success

Get your copy of this Special Report to get tips on how to keep your money during the next round of CMS reviews.

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With the threat of the Review Choice Demo looming on the horizon, clinical documentation compliance is more important than ever to your agency’s long-term success. Register at to ensure your agency is prepared.

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